Covid-19 Update (Coronavirus) 19 July 2021

Important - Please Note: Although the NCS will endeavour to continue with our usual excellent response times to all enquiries. National Restrictions imposed on businesses by Government during the course of the Coronavirus-19 Pandemic has inevitably affected many businesses due to closures, reductions in staff, lack of key personnel etc., and unfortunately these restrictions also affected NCS staff who have continued to work diligently during this period. Consequently, all parties should be aware that on occasion delays in our normal response times will be inevitable. However, please be assured that all NCS staff and case handlers are working meticulously to progress all cases and deal with the inevitable backlog these restrictions have caused. Therefore, your patience and understanding during these difficult times would be greatly appreciated – For more information, please see our FAQ's page

Before you file a complaint please ensure that

The trader (business) is a member of one of our schemes subscribers

You have raised your complaint with the trader before contacting the NCS

Your complaint does not involve a finance agreement that is regulated under the Financial Ombudsman Service (hire purchase, personal contract agreement etc.)